I am more than happy with your product, the propellers have been an excellent combination with the boat and the new Yanmar 4JH80 engines. The new engines are a common rail fuel system which is computer controlled therefore it is very easy to see on the instruments even slight differences. While underway with both engines just idling over if I pull up a sail I can see the fuel consumption drop.

Where you propellers come into their own however is in tight situations like docking while travelling in tight situations , in a new marina where the tide or wind is causing problems. The thrust and instant response is amassing making docking in new places under difficult conditions a piece of cake. On one other occasion I was crossing a coastal bar when I encountered a 3 meter swell in which the boat just handled with ease at lower RPMs. I believe again the thrust engine combination was reason .

There some interesting figures come out of the boats performance by comparison of the “A…prop” and the EWOL prop At 2,500 RPMs. The EWOL props push the boat along at 9.5 knots using 3.5 litres of fuel per side.

With the A…prop although they are 17 inch in diameter the boat for the same RPM 2500 is only doing 8 knots and using 4.7 litres per hour per side.

I find the difference in handling the cat very noticeable especially when trying to position the boat in a busy marina. With the EWOL I have fingertip control at very low RPM but the A…. Prop I have to use lots of RPM to get a response.

D.C. – Australia

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